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Application Instructions

You will need:

  • an iron
  • a firm flat surface - a table is better than an ironing board
  • a damp sponge
  • a thin piece of cloth
  • your garment
  • and an iron-on emblem.
  1. Switch on your iron, set it to the maximum temperature and allow it to warm up.
  2. Very lightly dampen the area where you want to apply the emblem.
  3. Place the emblem with the embroidery facing you
  4. Cover the emblem with the thin cloth and press as firmly as you can for 60 seconds on both sides of the garment. Do not use steam.
  5. Turn the garment inside out and repeat the process
  6. Check that the edges are properly bonded and allow the garment to cool

The bond reaches maximum strength after 24 hours so try to avoid the wearing the garment during that period. The garment can be washed according to the care label

Positioning the emblem

The bottom of  the emblem needs to be lined up with the bottom of the button band, and positioned 3"-4" from the centre of the garment, as below.

For a polo-shirt

positioning the emblem

For a sweatshirt

sweatshirt drawing



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