our school badge

Design Guidelines

Because our iron-on emblems come as single pieces here are a few design guidelines to help you get the best possible result.

Your emblem can be any shape and any size but works best if your design is based on a regular geometric shape such as a circle, a shield or a square.

We have a choice of matte, satin and felt backgrounds in over 120 shades and a range of 300 different coloured threads.  So we can accommodate almost any colour combination that you may want.

Emblems work best if they contrast with the garment they are attached to.  Look at the way badges on football shirts are designed to stand out.

If you want to incorporate different house colours or have alternative versions for school teams etc, that's no problem.

For primary schools we recommend a maximum size of 2.5 inches (60mm) as this is more in scale with children's body dimensions.

If you have good quality artwork there are no set-up charges.

The shapes below work particularly well.